Translational Research

The PCC’s newest mechanism, the Translational Research Fund (TRF) was introduced in 2017 to facilitate adoption of the PCC’s scientific and technological developments into laboratories that serve the anti-doping community. When appropriate, this is accomplished directly by the researchers themselves. In other cases, the PCC uses TRF funds to encourage additional R&D, identify commercialization viability and interest, and manage adoption of research results through licensing agreements, joint ventures, and other creative partnerships designed to facilitate adoption of PCC funded research.

The fund’s initial $800,000 investment was dispersed to three projects showcasing potential for real-world applicability:

IRMS Steroidome ProjectDr. Tom Brenna
TRF Funds were used for third party manufacturing of a novel micro-reactor prototype allowing for analysis of samples at low temperatures and characterization of steroid carbon isotopes. Evaluation of the micro-reactor is currently in progress.

Dried Plasma Spot CardDr. Jack Henion
TRF Funds used for third party manufacturing of DPS card. Tooling development is currently in progress.

Breath Testing TechnologyDr. Mario Thevis
TRF Funds were used to demonstrate the Sensabues Breath Test could be applied to an anti-doping setting. With the technology proven to detect several classes of doping substances and drugs of abuse, method expansion, optimization, and detection window determination is currently in progress.

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