10 05, 2017

The PCC Research Impact Project: The PCC’s Risk Portfolio

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Since 2008, the PCC has worked to fund investigator-led anti-doping research, with an emphasis on funding projects with a high likelihood to deter and detect doping across the sporting landscape. Recognizing the importance of a data-driven approach to assess the impact [...]

28 09, 2016

What’s Next Wednesday: PCC Funded Anti-Doping Reference Materials for WADA-Accredited Labs

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Metrology, the science of measurement, is a critical component of nearly all competitive sports. Whether providing accurate measurements for a runner’s time or the distance of a quarterback’s pass, achievement in sport is driven by comparative metrics. The measurement of performance [...]

11 05, 2016

What’s Next Wednesday: Dried Blood Spot Sampling

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What a Drop Can Do: Dried blood spot sampling (DBS) is a form of bio-sampling that has been used for decades to screen patients for diseases that can be identified via metabolic markers – such as congenital metabolic diseases in infants. [...]

25 03, 2016

Meet the Global Leader in Anti-Doping Research

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Since 2009, the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) has been funding the world's preeminent anti-doping experts, providing over $15 million to date. Projects funded by the PCC support clean competition while standing up to the scientific scrutiny and oversight of our [...]

5 04, 2016

Micro-Grants: the Latest Tool in the PCC’s Arsenal as we Fight for Clean Sport.

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  The integrity of sport is worth protecting. The science of anti-doping must be flexible enough to stay ahead of athletes and other support professionals who make the wrong choices when it comes to the use of performance-enhancing substances. Anti-doping science [...]

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